Regional Implementation Meetings

6 May 2008




Sixteenth Session, New York, 05 – 16 May 2008


Statement by

Ms. Dragica Iskrenovič


on behalf of the European Union


Mr. Chair,

I have the honour today to speak on behalf of the European Union.

·          The EU believes that the thematic issues of CSD16 need to be addressed in the context of the overarching objectives of sustainable development: eradicating poverty, changing the unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, and protecting the natural resource base for economic and social development. These objectives were taken into account in the drafting of the UNECE RIM Chair's Summary which the EU views as a valuable contribution to the CSD16/17.


·          Regional and national differences significantly appear in the priorities and implementation experiences arising from them. This is evident both inside the UNECE region and globally. In this respect, it is important that the global review of progress take full account of these differences, and that CSD16 recognize the special contributions of different regions.


·          At the same time, the EU notes with interest and appreciation that many of the remarks on Africa made during yesterday's discussion in the UNECA region coincide with the points made during the UNECE RIM session. It derives from this the conviction that a number of common points of analysis can lead to strengthening of cooperation between the two regions with the aim of reaching the MDGs along the path of sustainable development.


·          The EU believes that the results of all regional implementation meetings should be fully taken into account at the global level. The sharing of best practices and the dissemination of information will create policy-making synergies that feed into national, regional and sub-regional implementation efforts, thereby bringing us closer towards the achievement of our WSSD commitments.


·          Finally, the EU would like the future CSD sessions to even better integrate the five regional inputs, especially through increasing their interaction at the regional and global level.


Thank you.