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UN reform

Strengthening the work of the UN

To address global challenges efficient multilateral system with the central role of the United Nations in global governance is needed. The aim of the comprehensive UN reform is to adapt Organization’s work and functioning to today’s reality of an interconnected world and the resulting new challenges and threats. 

At the 2005 World Summit world leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a strengthened United Nations with enhanced authority and capacity to effectively and rapidly respond to the complex global challenges of our time. With the Organization engaged with a wide range of pressing global issues in every part of the world, a renewed, revitalized and more responsive United Nations is needed more than ever. UN Member States have decided on important reform steps, which are outlined in the World Summit Outcome document. Support was expressed for early reform of the Security Council and recommended that the Council continue to adapt its working methods.

Security Council reform

Intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council reform in informal plenary commenced during 63rd Session of the UNGA. Intergovernmental negotiations are ongoing process where active discussions relating to the comprehensive reform of the Security Council on all five key issues – i.e. categories of membership, regional representation, relation between the Security Council and the General Assembly, veto and working methods - are taking place.

Slovenia has been promoting Security Council reform for many years. Security Council of today needs to adapt to the changing geopolitical realities to remain the centerpiece of the international peace and security architecture in 21st Century. Its reform is unavoidable for reasons of fairness and in order for Security Council to effectively discharge its mandate.

Slovenia put forward its own proposal of the Security Council reform (proposal) and supports the enlargement of the Security Council in both categories of membership, permanent and non-permanent. Irrespective of the size of the enlarged Security Council, working methods also need to be improved so as to increase the involvement of the wider UN membership in its work and to better enable the Organization to collectively address today’s challenges and threats in a globalized world.

Slovenia is also a member of the ACT Group (Accountabitlity, Coherence, Transparancy). The group endvours for greater accountability, coherence and transparency in the work of the Security Council and supports the efforts to limit the right to veto in case of genocide, crimes against humanity and grave breaches of international humanitarian law. 

General Assembly Revitalization

Efforts should be aimed at revitalizing the role and authority of the GA, in line with the UN Charter and relevant resolutions. Its working methods should be improved as well as its agenda rationalized in order to strengthen its efficiency. General Assembly is the only intergovernmental body with universal membership and is given a broad mandate with far-reaching responsibilities. Its closer engagement with other stakeholders, including civil society, other international and regional organizations is necessary. Revitalization can be ensured only when the GA takes relevant action on issues of common concern to the international community. By doing so, it lives up to its role as one of the principal organs of the UN.

3G (Global Governance Group)

Global Governance Group is a group of 30 like-minded small and medium-size countries, developed and developing, from all regions of the world – Asia and Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin and Central America and the Caribbean.

3G strives to improve the G20’s interaction with the UN general membership. It is important that the decisions of the G20 take into account the interests of other countries and are supported by them, when and where relevant.

On the initiative of 3G, in December 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on "The United Nations in Global Governance" that recognizes the need for inclusive, transparent and effective multilateral approaches to manage global challenges. It also reaffirms the central role of the United Nations in ongoing efforts to find common solutions.

Slovenia is a member of the Group since 2010 and is regularly participating at its meetings in New York and Geneva. Once a year, on the margins of the General Debate of the UNGA, ministerial meeting of the group is also organized. Member of the 3G – according to so called ‘variable geometry’ is regularly invited to participate at different G20 meetings, including summits.