Slovenia participates in the interactive dialogues with Special Representatives’ of Children and Armed Conflict and Violence against Children

New York, 17 October 2012 – Earlier today, Third Committee of the UN General Assembly discussed issues under agenda item “Promotion and protection of the rights of children [item 65]”. Statements were made by the Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund, Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, Special Representative on Violence against Children and Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.  

Delegate of Slovenia, Mr. Klemen Ponikvar, took the floor during interactive dialogues with the two special representatives and stressed the importance that Slovenia’s Government places on issues under this agenda item.  

In reference to the work in the area of children and armed conflict he outlined the work that Slovenia’s ITF Fund has been doing in the field of human security. In particular he stressed their work in mine victims’ assistance, reiterated his countries’ concern over the use of explosive ordnance, and at the same time urged Special Representative to continue the good work of her predecessor.

In connection with the work of the Special Representative of Violence against Children, Mr. Ponikvar stressed his country’s satisfaction with the work she has done so far. In particular he noted with appreciation the expert consultations held and thematic reports published recently, especially the joint report of SRSG VAC with UNDOC and OHCHR on violence against children in juvenile justice system. He finished by stressing that Slovenia sees the importance of violence against children on equal footing with other similar mandates.