Slovenia makes a donation to child typhoon victims in the Philippines

Ljubljana, 15 November 2013 - The Government of the Republic of Slovenia took a decision on emergent and extraordinary humanitarian aid to the Philippines, which were on 8 and 9 November affected by a devastating typhoon Haiyan. Humanitarian aid in the amount of 60.000 EUR will be donated through United Nations Children's Fund – UNICEF.

Slovenian Governments' donation will be made through UNICEF as this is the quickest way for aid to reach the affected population. Estimates of international organizations and the Government of the Philippines show that typhoon affected almost 11 million of people. UNICEF figures show that there are 4 millions of affected children. Only in the region of East Visayas and its biggest city of Tacloban, which is one of the most affected regions, there is supposed to be around 1, 7 million of children. Figures show that there is about 100 000 of pregnant women and 200 000 of breastfeeding mothers with special health and nutrition needs living in the affected areas.

Republic of Slovenia gives special attention to the most vulnerable groups, especially children, which are often helpless in any given crisis situation. In the last years, several projects dedicated to helping children were conducted throughout Slovenia and abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the response of the civil society in Slovenia, which has generously reacted to the activities of the international community aimed at ensuring emergent help to the most affected ones. This is deemed as an expression of solidarity and compassion of the Slovenian society with all those in need in the Philippines, which have been affected by the strongest storm in history.