Ambassador Štiglic addressed the UNICEF Executive Board meeting under agenda item 3 on the Annual Report of the Executive Director

New York, 1 June 2010 – Ambassador Sanja Štiglic welcomed the Annual Report of the Executive Director on progress and achievements of UNICEF in 2009 and on the review of medium-term strategic plan for 2006-2013. She especially welcomed the emphasis put on the results in the implementation of relevant MDGs as children are at the very heart of those goals.

Ambassador Štiglic called on UNICEF to continue to strengthen its focus on MDG related activities, results and reporting, especially in the link between maternal and newborn health. Further efforts are needed to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. She stressed that Slovenia would like to see improvements on UNICEF assistance in capacity building and, in data collection, monitoring and evaluation.

Statement by Ambassador Štiglic (pdf)