Ambassador Štiglic addressed the UN Security Council on children and armed conflict

New York, 16 June 2010 - Ambassador Sanja Štiglic spoke at the open debate of the UN Security Council on children and armed conflict. In her statement Ambassador Štiglic stressed that situation of children in some parts of the world was still alarming. She had noted with regret that new parties had been added to the report’s annexes, and stressed that stronger steps should be taken to end impunity for perpetrators, especially those groups and individuals who persistently committed grave violations against children.

Ambassador Štiglic emphasized that the issue of children and armed conflict needs a comprehensive approach, where human rights, security and development go hand in hand. It is therefore essential not only that children are released by armed forces and groups and returned to their families and communities, but also to address their psychosocial well-being and to ensure their development and future without fear/threats of re-recruitment or commitment of other grave violations against them. She expressed Slovenian full support to the campaign for the universal ratification of the Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Statement by Ambassador Štiglic