State Secretary Benčina opens exhibit »Water, Our Hope«

New York, 1 March 2011 - State Secretary Dragoljuba Benčina opened the exhibit »Water, Our Hope« which will be taking place at the Delegate's Entrance Lobby from February 28 thru March 5, 2011. The exhibition highlights the correlation between water and environment, presenting the way in which water shapes the environment. During the opening remarks State Secretary Benčina stressed the importance of water: “Water is the global challenge of the 21st century. By the year 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in areas affected by severe water stress. Slovenia is aware of the pressing environmental concerns and stands for a more visible role of them on the foreign policy agenda.”

Slovenia is a founding member of the Green Group, a group of like-minded countries, that emphasize the significance of environmental issues in international relations.