Green Group's "Water for Energy, Energy for Water" event marks World Water Day also in New York

New York, 22 March 2011 - On the occasion of the World Water Day (22 March) Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the United Nations along with other Permanent Missions of the Green Group countries (Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Iceland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates) organized a side event titled "Water for Energy, Energy for Water."

Four speakers participated in the panel: Permanent Representative of Slovenia, Ms. Sanja Štiglic, who spoke on behalf of the Green Group; Mr. Brice Lalonde, Assistant Secretary General, Executive Coordinator, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio 2012; Mr. Andrew Hudson, Principal Technical Advisor, International Waters and Cluster Leader, Water Governance Programme, UNDP; and Mr. Andrew Yager, Officer in Charge, Water, Energy and Strategies Branch, Division for Sustainable Development, DESA.

The event reiterated the importance of water and energy for human well-being and all three pillars of the sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Water and energy are interconnected and there is a need for improvement of governance and coordinated policy action at regional and international level.  Many agreed that both issues should feature high on the agenda for the forthcoming 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio. Our success in addressing global water challenges is directly linked to our ability to address other global challenges, from poverty eradication, climate change and environmental sustainability, to food and energy security and gender dimension. Best practices of the Green Group countries in addressing the needs related to the water-energy nexus were also presented at the event.

The New York event was a follow-up to the conference of the Green Group, which took place earlier today in Ljubljana, Slovenia (link: http://videolectures.net/worldwaterday2011_ljubljana/).

The Green Group was initiated to promote environmental issues on the global agenda, such as climate change, water security, the use of renewable energy and the support for the Earth science. The Group particularly strives to underline the connection between these global challenges, including the link between energy and water security.