PR Štiglic addresses the General Assembly’s plenary meeting: Revitalizing the work of the Conference on Disarmament and taking forward multilateral disarmament negotiations

New York, 28 July 2011-Permanent Representative of Slovenia Ambassador Sanja Štiglic addressed the General Assembly earlier today. She stressed the need for concrete decisions to follow up the High-Level Meeting that took place last year. Ambassador Štiglic explained that the current stalemate of global multilateral disarmament demonstrates how urgent a reform of existing international disarmament machinery is needed. She highlighted the need for a wider membership base for the Conference on Disarmament as international peace and security is a global issue and not one that just affects the current members. It was also noted that “the Conference should commence negotiations on the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty without any further delay.”

In conclusion, the Ambassador reminded the meeting that the end goal is in fact a world without nuclear weapons and she stressed the expectation of concrete proposals in the autumn.

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